Rock Sushi Thai

Summer in Cape Town is a wonderful time to get with good friends and dine out. Having moved into a new neighborhood and scouring the place for things to do on a Tuesday evening avec @ng_mubs, we stumbled upon the most charming sushi restaurant; the Southern Suburbs has to offer. Yes people, Rock Sushi Thai, nestled in Dean Street; Newlands is an Asian food lover’s haven.

rock sushi thai 3Going out for sushi, is always an experience. The plates are always so beautifully decorated with artistic pieces of salmon, California rolls, and sashimi (can’t mention all the different types of sushi on offer). This is truly a case of eating with both your eyes and mouth all at the same time.

Resident Chef Bubbles does not cut corners when putting an overly unique twist and flavour to this Japanese delight, provoking the senses with the fresh sweet and savoury tastes of the Far East.

On the plate, ginger is served to eat in between pieces of sushi and finally some wasabi just to excite the senses (first time sushi eaters, may want to keep a glass of water close by), but as for me, I wash everything down with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc.

A generous selection of wine, Belgian craft beer and hard liquor is also available on the menu, with a very knowledgeable barman who can recommend a drink that will complement the true oriental flavours.



A definite must try if and when you are ever this side of Cape Town. At R110 for 20 pieces of sushi, I can definitely say you are getting a bargain.


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